SCDI Publication Strategy

SCDI’s vision is to be an internationally leading center for digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence, educational engagement, and societal impact. The ambition is to offer a unique context for orchestrating close collaboration between researchers, students and practitioners to help address challenges in practice and advance new theory. To reach academic excellence, each SCDI faculty member is responsible for publishing his/her work in reputable journals. We articulate two pathways for publishing:

  • It is encouraged to publish in the renowned Senior Scholar basket of 8 journals
  • It is encouraged to publish in journals that have an impact factor above one.

The Association of Information Systems (AIS) is the core community for SCDI. The AIS community is inclusive and open to all current research areas of SCDI. To increase the quality of our publications we wish that tenured SCDI faculty members are measured by their best two publications over a five-year period. Needless to say, this does not mean that tenured staff will only publish two pieces of scholarly work every five years.

Over a five-year period, it is an aim that each tenured faculty member will publish one journal paper in the renowned Senior Scholar basket of 8 journals, and one additional paper in a journal with an impact factor over 1.

This publication strategy is for the benefit and guidance of our faculty, our junior colleagues (PhD students and post docs) and prospective job applicants for positions at all levels. As the market is today, in order to get a position as a post doc or assistant professor, an applicant must have published in the basket of 8 and/or on a similar high level in other journals. With that in mind, SCDI’s publication strategy is a guidance to steer all faculty, junior colleagues and prospective job applicants towards publishing patterns in concert with international standards.