SCDI Vision and Mission


SCDI’s vision is to be an internationally leading center for digital innovation, which is acknowledged for its academic excellence, educational engagement, and societal impact. The ambition is to offer a unique context for orchestrating close collaboration between researchers, students and practitioners to help address challenges in practice and advance new theory.


SCDI’s mission is to engage key stakeholders from the academy, industry and public enterprises to promote value creation based on digital innovation in Sweden and internationally. To achieve this mission, the center is committed to:

  • Facilitate dialogues across stakeholder groups on relevant and timely digital innovation topics
  • Provide a collaboration platform for researchers with an interest in digital innovation
  • Deliver world class digital innovation research
  • Promote education of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students with a view to addressing real-world digital innovation challenges

These commitments complement and reinforce each other: dialogues across stakeholder groups reveals challenges and enables collaboration; partnerships with private and public enterprises and collaboration between researchers stimulates development of practical and theoretical knowledge; research provides material for teaching and affords opportunities to engage students in outreach activities; and, outreach develops contacts for research and enhances SCDI’s visibility and impact.